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    HF Vikings Updates


    Good Afternoon HF Vikings families,

    Here is the information below regarding the upcoming HF Vikings Spring 2021 season.

    More details regarding NWHL league play to follow when we hear back after the meeting this month.

    We are working out the online registration process and it will let you know as soon as it is ready to go!



    Spring Hockey Info



    Thank You!

    4/8/20 - 7:25am

    Words cannot being to express the gratitude we have for the First Responders of our Viking hockey family during this fight against the COVID-19 virus. They leave their families every day to go out and help other people and families, and they do it with no hesitation. For that, we are eternally grateful. Thank you all and stay safe!

    USA Hockey Stick Handling Drills

    Miss Hockey?? Here are some stick handling drills to work on off the ice.

    NWHL Update - 7/13/2020

    Update from the NHWL on the upcoming season:


    As we progress in the "Opening Illinois" plan, we are in the 3rd week of Phase 4. This has allowed the resumption of competitive play in youth sports. With this the NWHL will move forward with the planning of the 2020-2021 Season. Our plan will be to schedule in mid-September and the season commencing on October 1.

    There will be some adaptation necessary to comply with "no greater than 50" provision in the Illinois plan.

    Scheduling - We will be working on a process for remote scheduling. We would need to complete scheduling no later than September 20. This will require significant cooperation and coordination by our clubs.

    Mite Jamboree - the planned NWHL Mite Jamboree in October will be cancelled (possibly rescheduled). The 2 main components of the jamboree were to have all NWHL Mite teams involved and to create a festival to promote the jamboree format. The restrictions would preclude our ability to do this.

    NWHL Coaches Banquet - We will not be hosting the NWHL Coach of Year banquet. While a highlight of the NWHL season, this would not be deemed essential to our season, and would probably not meet the gathering requirements.

    Post game rituals - The NWHL will be asking that teams refrain from post game handshakes. While this may be minimal risk after a competitive game; the elimination of "unnecessary" risk would be prudent.

    Tracking/Tracing - Each team will be responsible for keeping a game day log. This will be kept by the team for the team for notification purposes if needed. We have the players on the scoresheet, but we will want a log for spectators.

    Rinks will be setting their own guidelines for admittance. As we progress to our starting date of October 1 there will be a great deal of competitive youth hockey already taking place in other leagues and tournaments. We will work to pull together what the protocols will be. As every rink can set their own rules this may get tricky.

    Mites - The plan is to have U8 to play a 14 game season. This would provide for 4 pre-tier and 12 post tier games. Mites would start play on about 10/30 with post tier starting 1/2/21.

    Next Learn To Play Hockey Session Begins In


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      Go Vikings!


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